Saturday, January 3, 2009


Ahh...Oysters. If you have never tried them raw, or have not tried them lately you should. There is nothing better than a fresh oyster on the half shell with a light squeeze of lemon and a small dollop of cocktail sauce. One thing that I don't think people realize is the broad variety of oysters that are available. Do not let one bad oyster ruin it for you. They can very greatly in size, shape, and texture between East and West coast varietals. While most raw oysters do have a soft and slippery texture that some people do not care for, there are those that are a little more on the dry and meaty side. The most delicious and meatiest oysters that I recall having were actually from Louisiana and not the traditional Eastcoast Chesapeake variety you may think of. You can always start small with fried oysters or everyone's favorite Oysters Rockefeller. In this style they are actually baked in the shell with bread crumbs, spinach, parmesan cheese, and bacon.

These oysters pictured were fresh from Raymor's Fish Products in Muskegon. These were flown in fresh just after Christmas this year and were outstandingly fresh and tasty.

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